SS 9000 Software Suite

The SS 9000 software is designed to run static, semi-static and fatigue tests both with single-axis and multi-axes systems. Tests can be run either for:

  • Position
  • Force
  • Encoder
  • AUX Auxiliary Channel

For each axis and for any control procedure, the test can be set in ramp mode (for static and semi-static tests) or with sine, triangular or square wave.

The SS 9000 software suite allows interfacing to the RTC series controllers and allows the complete management of tests. It is possible to set the test parameters, the command and safety parameters, the real-time display of the command signals and the recording and saving modes of the acquired data. The video tutorials regarding the complete use of the software are provided and are available on LiTem’s YouTube channels.

Additional tools can be provided on request in order to implement SS 9000 software functions and to manage user customized tests. LiTem can design new software tools following the customer’s specifications.

The extreme ease of use and the intuitive interface make the SS 9000 software suite an indispensable and extremely reliable tool for carrying out all tests with LiTem systems.