VIBRA-9001 is the first mechanical vibrodyne with linear actuator able of generating constant amplitude forcing along with the frequency variation.

The aluminum structure and the optimized design make this vibrodyne particularly manageable and easy to transport. The low weight and the compact footprint allow to easily instal VIBRA-9001 to the structure under investigation; without the help of machinery lifting and handling equipment.

The system is available with different slide lengths depending on the applications.


datasheet: VIBRA-9001

oil free

bassi consumi

low weight and compact footprint

elevata flessibilità

easy to transport

facile utilizzo

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The linear vibrodyne VIBRA-9001 is designed for applications in civil engineering field. It is indispensable in all dynamic identification activities with EMA (Experimental Modal Analysis) techniques and in all cases where it is necessary an appropriate and constant forcing even at low excitation frequencies.


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