Profile Editor Tool is an additional component of the RTC 9000 software which allows variable profile, cyclical fatigue tests to be performed. The profile is generated directly by the operator on the software interface or with an external text editor and then loaded quickly onto the software tool.

The PROFILE EDITOR tool is essential when the replication is required for variable profile load curves, arising from acquisitions performed through sensors and data loggers applied directly on the component during normal operation or during in-field tests.

The test profile can equally be set with the control procedures available in RTC 9001 and RTC 9000 controller series, that is:

  • Position control
  • Force control
  • AUX 1 control (auxiliary channel)
  • Control with Encoder

The Time and Amplitude multiplier functions enable the designed profile to be changed quickly, by intervening on the times and amplitude of the measures selected for running the test (force-position- Aux1-encoder).
It is possible to select 4 different modes for interpolation of the points that define the profile.

The PROFILE EDITOR tool software is also applicable to RTC 9000 multi-axial systems. In this case it will be possible to assign a different load curve (profile) to each actuator. These profiles can be performed at the same time. PROFILE EDITOR is indispensable for pedalling test as per ISO 4210-6.