Pneumatic modular frame

BYC 100

The BYC-100 frame belongs to the family of PN-MF (Pneumatic Modular Frame) systems, designed and produced to run specific tests on components from the bicycle sector.
The system is produced entirely of aluminium and is used to run static and fatigue tests as indicated in the ISO-4210 standard and EN 15194.

The anti-vibration support give the BYC-100 frame the best stability even during the most challenging tests; the portal structure gives to the bench the necessary stiffness for the correct execution of tests on frames and on bicycle components according to the standard. Furthermore, the presence of wheels on the base allows the easy movement of the entire structure within the test laboratory.

The system is compatible with Litem K-PN series pneumatic actuator kits, anchoring brackets and RTC 9000 Real Time Controllers.


datasheet: BYC 100

oil free

low consumption

high flexibility

easy to use

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The BYC-100 system is used most commonly and naturally in the bicycle sector.
Due to the diversified series of clamps, it is particularly suitable for the following tests:

  • Fatigue test on the frame with horizontal load
  • Fatigue test on the frame with vertical load
  • Fatigue test on the frame with the force applied on the pedals - biaxial
  • Bi-axial fatigue test on the handlebar
  • Fatigue test on the front fork
  • Static and fatigue test on the seat