Strength, constancy and passion – these are our guiding values.

LiTeM Life Testing Machines designs, fabricates and sells machines for fatigue testing materials and the performance of individual components and complex assemblies.

The project is the result of the union of two pre-existing companies with a well-established market presence: EnginLAB Srl, an expert in testing for components, mechanical equipment and aerospace and automotive equipment, and DRC Srl, a specialist in the manufacture of non-destructive testing equipment.

LiTeM marries the diverse expertise of its two parent companies, and their many years of experience in electronics, mechanical engineering and IT, as well as their experience in measurement, testing and research.

LiTeM boasts an experienced team of young engineers and professionals, specialised on-site and laboratory measurement engineers, technicians who believe that research and development are the keys to innovative, high performance products.

It is the synergy between their diverse backgrounds that enables DRC and EnginLAB to create LiTeM machines, simple and easily adaptable systems which assure product quality and performance with unbeatable attention to the client’s real needs.


Our objective is to create cutting edge test systems which are easy to use, versatile and equipped with the very best technical, mechanical and computer quality.

We are able to do so with the know-how acquired in many years of experience in engineering, testing and the development of testing system software.

The entire cycle of production, from concept to fabrication to aftersales, is completely Italian, with the renowned quality of made in Italy products.

Our products are subjected to rigorous IQFA (Indice Qualità Fornitore Ambiente – Vendor Environmental Quality Index) controls, to ensure environmental compatibility.
Our electronics, software and mechanical systems are all developed and manufactured in-house to ensure complete control over the production process.

The synergy between innovative technology, many years of experience and our commitment to customer satisfaction is what generates the added value of our products – reliable, high performance and precise.


Fatigue testing machines are used in all sectors of mechanical and civil engineering and fabric production.
Applications run from electrical to medical devices, spring manufacture to construction, sports equipment (e.g. bicycles and skiing equipment) to mechanical engineering and domestic appliances.

Our market covers large established companies who run high performance tests with a high technological content; component manufacturers, even of small to medium size, who wish to grow their quality and efficiency; companies running tests and measurements on materials and investing in R&D; as well as quality and testing departments, universities and test laboratories engaged in research and innovation.

LiTeM machines stand out for the fact that they are as suited to large companies with the resources to invest strongly in know-how and new technologies as they are to small to medium companies to whom we offer the option of purchasing modular and table top equipment, along with the training and support they require.

Our aim is to provide full spectrum satisfaction to our clients, including custom solutions for special testing and measurement in complete safety, with user interfaces suited both to the application and to the needs of the user.


LiTeM products include both standard and custom testing machines. Standard machines are available in table top and free-standing versions, both fully assembled at our works and delivered ready for use. Custom machines, on the other hand, are conceived and designed to meet very specific, even unique requirements.
Our fatigue testing machines can be distinguished by the use of pneumatic, electrical and hydraulic actuators.
Machines with pneumatic actuators have modular aluminium frames which are highly rigid and very versatile in terms of test configuration; they can be used for running static strength characterisation tests and dynamic fatigue tests to determine the life of both individual components and completed assemblies.
LiTeM machines are produced entirely in-house, including their software, electronics and mechanical assemblies, as are all components and accessories, which makes the LiTeM brand a byword for efficiency, safety and reliability. Our principal objective is to supply the user with a product with unbeatable performance and ease of use; this is made possible by the services we offer our clients: consultancy in selecting the best product and accessories for the task in hand, assistance during installation and use, and training in the use and functionality of the machine.
To guarantee prompt local service, we work with our distributors abroad and our local agents in Italy – competent technicians who support the client throughout the process: from the general and detailed explanation of the product, to the selection and purchase of the most suitable test system, installation and training, and aftersales support.


 STATIC YIELD/FAILURE TESTING, for composite components, biological components, dental implants, etc.

 RIGIDITY TESTING for single components and assemblies, composite products

 DYNAMIC TESTING with sine, pulsed square wave with settable duty cycle or constant speed triangle wave (e.g. for characterization of suspensions/shock absorbers)

CONSTANT AMPLITUDE FATIGUE TESTING to characterize the life under cyclic/repeated loads for any type of component (Wöhler curves)

 CONSTANT AMPLITUDE BLOCK FATIGUE TESTING for determining the Palmgren-Miner relation and the effective damage value

∴ VARIABLE AMPLITUDE FATIGUE TESTING using the reproduction/simulation in the laboratory of real world load curves acquired on-site

 REPRODUCTION OF LOAD CURVES defined by the user during the design phase


Our ability to create competitive, cutting edge and easy to use test systems makes LiTeM your ideal partner for winning projects.
Our technical know-how is born of decades of experience in mechanical testing, dynamic measurements and the development of test system software.

Our most important asset at LiTeM is our ability to analyse the objective of the test, to listen to the client, and combine the two in a test system which is optimal in terms of function, operation, and ease of use of the software.


Our contrast frames are made of high precision aluminium profiles which allow the user to reconfigure the test architecture; the actuator can be quickly repositioned for each test.

The mechanics of the actuators, couplings and accessories are designed and fabricated using the most advanced CAD and CNC technologies, to ensure outstanding quality.

The control logic employs National Instruments controller boards, high speed FPGA configurable boards and Real Time processors programmed to assure excellent performance, modularity and expandability.

The software is developed in the Labview Core, Labview Real Time and Labview FPGA environments, which are all integrated with each other. The object-oriented graphical programming technology enables us to develop complex projects in which the test parameter, display and logging settings are still easy and intuitive.