Real time test controller RTC9000

Real Time Test Controllers

Controllers RTC 9000 series allow to perform static, dynamic and fatigue tests. They are compatible with any Litem type machine or retrofit. Controllers RTC 9000 are available in different number of active channels; from one axis up to four controlled axes.

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Pneumatic test machine Prima PN

Pneumatic Machines

The series of Litem pneumatic machines allows the execution of static, semi-static and fatigue tests. Oil free, no maintenance and the possibility of having them in a modular version, make them the ideal tool for all fields of application.

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Electrodynamic Machines

Litem electrodynamic machines allows to perform static, semi-static and fatigue tests. The used electrodynamic motor technology, allow to reach high test frequency and displacement micrometric accuracy.

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Electro-mechanical Machines

Litem electro-mechanical machines allows to perform static, semi-static and fatigue tests. The technology of ball-screw linear actuators allows to reach high loads and high test frequencies.

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Software and Tools

The SS 9000 software is the universal solution for all RTC 9000 series controllers. SS 9000 can manage static, semi-static and fatigue tests as well as saving of all test’s data. Available tools complete the software pack for customized tests managing.

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The original Litem accessories allow the actuators use in any test condition and provide the proper gripping for all types and tests condition.

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