Pneumatic test machine Prima PN

Prima PN

The PRIMA PN test machine, made with a pneumatic actuator, has been designed to run static, semi-static, dynamic and fatigue tests on a large variety of components and materials.

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BYC 100 Pneumatic Modular Frame

The BYC-100 frame (Pneumatic Modular Frame), is designed and produced to run specific tests on components from the bicycle sector.

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BYC 200 Pneumatic Modular Frame

The BYC-200 frame belongs to the family of PN-MF (Pneumatic Modular Frame) systems, designed and produced to run specific tests on bicycle handlebar according to ISO 4210 and EN 15194.

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Modular testing frame vdc

Pneumatic Modular Frame

The extreme modularity that characterizes this type of frames allows to obtain numerous configurations suitable for different types of tests and different under test sample dimensions. The actuator or actuators can be positioned at any point of the frames using the appropriate LiTeM supports.

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Actuator Kit

The pneumatic actuator kit includes all the components required to run static, dynamic and fatigue tests. It is compatible with RTC 9000 Real Time Controllers and it can be used for tests conducted with PN-MF (Pneumatic Modular Frame) systems, which are designed and produced by LiTeM.

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