Torsional Machines


NewTOR systems use Brushless or Torque motors and are designed for the execution of static, semi-static, dynamic and fatigue tests on many types of components and materials.

The RTC 9001 controller and its matching SS9000 software make NewTOR systems ideal for any application.

The direct coupling, without gearboxes (direct drive), avoid the backlash and reduces the inertia of the rotating masses making these systems ideal for high load fatigue tests and high test frequencies.

High stiffness test frame, realized with motor flange and sliding counter-flange on linear guides, ensures maximum versatility and test repeatability.
Reliability, accuracy, “table top” configuration, low consumption and completely oil free.


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oil free

bassi consumi

elevata flessibilità

table top

facile utilizzo

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NewTOR systems allow to realize different types of configuration thanks to the versatility of the gripping systems (plates or spindles) and the working length realized with the sliding counter-flange.
The performance of motors, the accuracy of used sensors and the simple and intuitive software interface make the NewTOR series products ideal for the following industries:

  • Biomedical
  • Rubber and Plastics
  • Mechanical parts and components
  • 3D printed objects
  • Torsion springs, wires, fasteners
  • Composite meterials


Video Applications

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