Litem will attend to the IBF ITALIAN BIKE FESTIVAL 2023 the reference point exposistion for products and services of the bike industry and…

New Vibrodine Vibra-9001

VIBRA-9001 is the first mechanical vibrodyne with linear actuator, designed for applications in civil engineering field.

ShoMed 2021

Litem will attend to the ShoMed 2021 the reference point exposistion for products and services of the biomedical

ESBiomech 2020

Scientific conference about research in biomechanics

Eurofinish + Materials 2019

Material science meets surface technology

Control STOM Expo

Industrial Measuring Technology - Krakow

TMTS 2018

Taiwan International Machine Tool Show


Plastics and Rubber industry

ISMA 2018

Internacional Conference on noise and vibration engineering

PLAST 2018

International exhibition for plastics and rubbers

MECSPE 2018 Parma Fair

Technologies for Innovation

Fatigue Testing System

Workshop with Nikon Instruments

Precision Fair 2017

PRECISION Technology Conference - Netherlands

Industrial Automation

Plastics and Rubber Industry Show

Center of Excellence

Nikon Instruments Workshop

Materials 2017

Connection between innovation and technology

MECSPE 2017 Parma Fair

Technologies for innovation

Automotive Technology Expo

Automotive Technology Expo - Seoul

PRECISION Fair Netherlands 2016

Precision Technology Conference - Netherlands

Netherlands Plot Conference

Reliability and Environmental Testing

National Instruments Meeting

National Instruments meets UniPD students

Logo Control Fair Stuttgard

Control International Trade Fair

The world’s leading trade fair for quality assurance