VIBRA-9001 is the first mechanical vibrodyne with linear actuator, designed for applications in civil engineering field, able of generating constant amplitude forcing along with the frequency variation.
VIBRA-9001 was born from the collaboration between EnginLab and DRC and belongs to the family of electrodynamic machines developed and distributed under the LiTeM brand.
The structure of VIBRA-9001 is made entirely of aluminum. This makes it particularly manageable and easy to transport at the structure to be investigated, without the help of machinery lifting and handling equipment, reducing time and installation costs.

The modular masses are set in motion by the linear motor and can be easily placed on the upper tray, allowing the generation of different forcing according to requirements.
Using the RTC 9000-VIBRA Real Time Controller and the SHAKER software tool, it is possible to set the oscillating frequency (in steps or in frequency sweep mode) and the dwell time at desired frequencies.

The VIBRA-9001 linear vibrodyne can control the slide amplitude strokes, thus obtaining constant and appropriate forcing even at low frequencies; which is impossible using normal rotating masses vibrodynes.
Using the Real Time Controller RTC 9000-VIBRA bi-axial (2 indipendent or simultaneous axes) and the SHAKER Software Tool it is possible to control two VIBRODYNES at the same time, by setting the phase between them at will or by making them work independently.

The linear motor is driven by the LiTeM servo-drive EM20 series, included in the kit.
The 4 read-only channels on the Controller allow the acquisition of 4 accelerometers installed on the structure.

VIBRA-9001 is indispensable in all dynamic identification activities with EMA (Experimental Modal Analysis) techniques and in all cases where it is necessary an appropriate and constant forcing even at low excitation frequencies.

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