The RTC-9000 Controller range has been developed and assembled in Italy, using the best available technologies.
The system is  realized in the SLIM single-axis and STANDARD up-to-4 axis versions, for making accurate and reliable structural mechanical tests, with full control of different actuators and motors. RTC 9000 can make the test in force or displacement control mode, auxiliary ±10V channel and incremental Encoder.
The system is configured in pneumatic mode (P) for managing pneumatic actuators or electric mode (E) for managing electric actuators or hydraulic mode (H) for managing hydraulic actuators.
Both the RTC 9000 SLIM and STANDARD versions can be extended by usign the ET-4C-R01 extension board to connect 4 measurement sensors only for reading and recording.

The controllers are engineered by EnginLAB and developed in collaboration with DRC, in order to render strength and fatigue testing easy to run, even for companies with little or no experience in this area. The controller enables the actuator to easily run angle or torque controller tests, with the option to concatenate load ramps or sine, triangle and squarewaves.

The controller connects with a network connector to a PC, in which the RTC 9000 Command Software is installed.
A user-friendly interface enables the managing settings and test parameters, including:

  • Set point (or arrival point)
  • Load/displacement speed
  • Cycle amplitude
  • Cycle frequency
  • Waveform (ramps, sine, square, triangle, user-defined)
  • Safety limits
  • PID control loop coefficients
  • Set the recording mode and display the acquired values

The controller is equipped with a very high speed FPGA board, to acquire signals from the sensors and close the PID control loop with a frequency of 1 KHz and as well as an integrated Real Time processor, by which the operator can generate the waveforms applied by the actuator or connected motor.

RTC 9000 controllers have been proved to be ideal for static, dynamic and fatigue testing.